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* Shane 'Ghost' Green Qualifies for UK Race Camp 2014

Congratulations to our Shane (aka Ghost) for getting through the UK National Finals and on his way to GT Academy Race Camp 2014! Shane had to battle against 27 other National Finalists at Silverstone to make it into the final 6, who would progress to Race Camp.

Some pictures of his National Finals experience:

Full details of the 'Race Camp 2014' can be found by clicking on the GT Academy banner at the top of this page.

* Tidgney Racing: GT Academy Detailed Guides

NOTICE: Even though the online qualifiers for GT Academy 2014 are over, we will be keeping all four of Tidgney's guides up here. They are a fantastic source of information if you want virtual driving tips  :cheers:

Our member and friend Martin "Tidgney" Hefferon has once again put together guides for the GT Academy qualifiers on his YouTube channel Tidgney Racing.
These are without doubt his best guides yet, so if you need some help he is the man to speak to.

Martin qualified for the UK Race Camp Finals of GT Academy 2013. He unfortunately didn't get any further than Day 4 of the camp but finished in the top 5 for the UK. All of us at RoninGT are very proud of his achievements mind you! We'd all love to be as talented behind the virtual wheel as him.