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Started by RedBreastGaming, September 08, 2016, 08:00:15 AM

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So, it was finally announced last night. There is a new PS4 on its way.

It's been given the name "Pro" but what is actually pro about it?

First off, it has a new processor, new GPU, slightly different architecture (for that cpu) and comes with a 1tb HDD.

Great! I hear you say.... so...? What Sony has done here, they say, is create a new machine that breaks beyond the barrier of 1080p resolution, meaning that it'll display at the 4k resolution point. Aparently the current PS4 is right up to its limit of output, even at 1080p, to give firm resolutions.

Now, before I go further, here's the link, see for yourself.

Available 10th November 2016 for $399/
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The language used right at the start of the stream interested me. "Close to realising full potential of 4K". It seems their ''cutting edge rendering techniques'' are just a fancy way of saying upscaling. We'll need to see the results of tests from the likes of Digital Foundry when the games are released (to see where they are upscaling from, I'd imagine 1440p,) but this doesn't sound too good. Not unexpected either. The shock, for me, is the fact this thing won't have a 4K Blu Ray drive. So, the Xbox slim has it, Sony's flagship doesn't.... shocking.

Multiplayer games will run at the same FPS across PS4, and Pro, to avoid unfair advantages. This from a company that just revealed officially licensed keyboard and mouse peripherals.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is confirmed to be 30fps on both. The only game confirmed as '4K' and 60fps at the moment is COD, which has always been 60fps, even on PS3.

Rise of the Tomb Raider will have 3 modes - '4K' at 30fps, 1080p and extra details at 30fps, and 1080p with a 'target' of 60fps. They added this will be ''North of 45fps''.

For me, I'd have upgraded for performance gains. Not even remotely interested in slightly prettier graphics if both versions of the console will have framerate parity.

It's not all doom and gloom, at the prices they revealed, the Pro version is a no-brainer for those yet to purchase a PS4.

Quote from: bo0td- on September 08, 2016, 10:08:11 PM
It's not all doom and gloom, at the prices they revealed, the Pro version is a no-brainer for those yet to purchase a PS4.

Yup, pre-ordered  :)

So framerate parity, no 4k blu ray support...

Half the reason I didn't finish the op is that I'm fed up with all this bull-sh.

Yes, I agree in principle, if you haven't got a PS4, then this may be for you, but imho why? If it's going to make things prettier, and that's your thing, good for you. Otherwise save some money, get a slim, you won't be disadvantaged by multiplayer.

I cannot see where this console has been aimed?

Perhaps unfortunately, and it pains me to say this, Sony are following the Apple route. Release something a tiny bit better, and people will pay.
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Just read on GameSpot that publishers may charge for HDR patches. Lol.


Not that HDR looks that different to me. Better colours, but I've not had to complain yet.
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Did many go for the "Pro" then?

My lad gave me his unused PS4 (he found he was playing all his games on PC and had since bought a smart TV with Netflix on it).

What he didn't give me was his DS so I had to nip out to PC World for a new one.

While I was there I saw the PS4 Pro and thought, "Oooh... Do I want one of them instead?"

Me --->  :slap:  <--- Me

Like you said Robin, save your money.

I think I can get 4k on my 24" BENQ monitor but I'm not really all that bothered. Flash graphics is all well and good but what is more important to me, any day, is game play.

I went for the Pro and think it is definitely an improvement on the PS4 but I hardly use it now and have also switched back to the PC. Might give GT sport a go though if the VR is any good.

I went for the Pro too - Sold my PS4 and bought a new Pro. And yes it's an improvement, but not a land slide.

The VR is only in a very limited part of the game, I have the VR's, but I don't use them.
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There is a small game called "The Heist"  in a VR show off disc, not sure which one it is or if I downloaded it, LOL. Anyway, it was a huge laugh and very well done. If they ever make a full game of this it be brilliant.

I brought the PSVR but hardly use it now. I was trying to use it on my PC with programs like Trinus and it is possible but I couldn't get it going. I have played Driveclub VR and it is good imo and have just brought GT Sport and understand they have a 1 on 1 race in that mode and a showroom in VR.

The reason I got the PSVR was it was easy to use when seated. The Rift and Hive you can walk around, no good for me as I am not very good at walking with my eyes shut let alone with a headset on.

If they made GTS VR so that you could invite others with a headset to play as well it would fly off the shelves but as I said you just race against 1 AI.

I saw a video on youtube where the bloke tested it and did a good job explaining it and he said Driving is made for VR. In GTS VR the detail on the Pro isn't that much weaker than the full game, it looks stunning. In fact Kaz has said there is too much detail, a lot they didn't use. I wish they focus a bit on fun and using the VR, it would be goodif one with the headset could race someone on the screen sat next to you.

Quote from: Crow on November 08, 2017, 06:52:14 PM

The reason I got the PSVR was it was easy to use when seated. .

Check out the new Windows Mixed Reality headsets. Cheaper than Rift and Vive, have higher resolution displays, and feature inside-out tracking via built-in cameras, so no base stations required. Can use room scale mode, or seated/standing in limited spaces.

SteamVR for these headsets is currently in beta, but should release by the end of this year.

Been looking at the Windows headsets with £379 being the cheapest I think. On Amazon they have a Lenovo one for £599 but Curry's do a cheaper model.

I read on Steam they are testing Steam VR and are improving all the time, I'm tempted but might hold off for a while.

People are saying the quality of the image is brilliant and better than the Rift and Hive already but the amount of software available is very limited at the moment, hence the Steam VR I suppose.

I would like to know if you will be able to play games in your Steam library or will you have to pay for Steam VR ones and those alone? It is good that something like this is coming out and if they can keep prices low I can see it becoming dominant in the marketplace. If they start ripping people off (like EA would) then it will have a silent death.

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The best headset atm is from Samsung, but they aren't going to sell it in Europe. I don't really know the answer to your question, think it varies depending on the game. I own Superhot, but I know the VR version is a separate purchase, but Project Cars came with a VR version too. There are apps that let you play games in virtual theatres, not the same as actual VR, but I like the sound of playing games on a giant screen.

I would have been tempted by the Samsung if it was sold here, but even that had a downside - you can't remove the built-in headphones, and I won't compromise on sound quality. Not saying they're bad, as I haven't tried them, but I love the headphones I have.

It's a tough one really. I'd love to give this a go but, the longer I wait, the better the experience. I'd want to use it for movies too, so the higher the resolution the better. Might buy myself a projector for Christmas, that'll remove temptation.


I have been reading a little about the different makes and the Samsung is definitely the best specs, I think the HP ones are 1440 in each lens not as good as the Samsung but better than anything else so far.

Can you get the Samsung ones through Microsoft store? I think they do free shipping as well.

Saying that I think you're right in hanging back to see what develops.