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Started by jutngo, December 21, 2020, 12:23:59 PM

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Quote from: jutngo on February 03, 2022, 08:26:34 PM3/01/22 UPDATE

BIG trailer and news from Kaz with GT7 details.
Release still on for 4th March.

Plenty to get our teeth into there but one particular thing that looks interesting to me...

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The column towards the centre shows how changes to tuning will affect the car. Not just power, weight, PP etc. but car stability and cornering g forces?!! Setting up a car could be a more user friendly task.

I have my concerns about the layout of the offline career mode but overall I'm optimistic about what we are being offered here. Customisation and options in every area seem to have been increased so it's looking good for both offline car collectors and online racers.

Hope a few here will be getting it too. Could be competing in the licence test and circuit experience leader boards soon!!

I plan to be picking it up on ps5. Very excited for the release. It's brought back all my memories of this place
There's nothing worse than loads of understeer and then oversteer......

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Less than a week now chaps and chapesses!!  :gaming:

New licence tests and leaderboards!
Looking forward to starting a fresh car collecting career in a GT again.
Signs are that we'll be getting plenty of updates to the content soon after launch so I reckon Grand Valley might not be far away. In fact I still have a little bit of hope we have it on release!!

With any luck my physical copy is with me on Friday. My plan is to test the PS4 version voucher to see if I can upgrade that to download the PS5 version to the PS5. That way I don't actually need to use the disc. Will see.

Anyone else here getting it on release? PS4 or 5?

There will be TTs etc ingame so if there is interest I can post those at least when things kick off.

Haven't managed to get my hands on a PS5, just going to download the cross platform version just incase.  Looking forward to getting back to the old school offline GT tbh

I ended up pre-ordering a download version for the PS5 so I now have an amazon pre order bonus code for anyone that didn't get that pack. Just let me know on PSN if it's any use.

Planned an easy day for myself so got on early for a bit of GT this morning. I noticed quite a few had been on a lot earlier than me!
Thought I'd give the triggers a go to see what this feedback thing is like when using the controller. Not sure yet. Been using the sticks since GT1 so it's a bit strange and the reflexes are still protesting about it!

So far I'm impressed with it all. There's plenty to take in and I'm sure there will be a serious amount to go back over once we get through the game. All the licences, driving missions, circuit experiences etc will all get a revisit to improve on times if possible.

The first couple of hours are quite slow due to the menu navigation and text but that will speed up once I get used to where everything is and it all opens up without people explaining everything!

Really enjoying it to be honest, not sure I could go to the triggers I've been on X and Square for so long it would feel weird!

Big fan so far, it's a little more linear than I like due to the cafe but the actual gameplay is fantastic
There's nothing worse than loads of understeer and then oversteer......

203rd in the UK GT Academy 2014

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So how's the game since the update, guys?

Is it deserving of the worst game ever?
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Anyone want to give an honest review of GT-Microtransaction?  :cheers:

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I'm loving it. Really don't understand all the complaining that's going on. Handling is more difficult on road tyres but you just need to be very careful with your steering inputs when on the limit.  I definitely believe this is the best handling model we've had in a GT so far and hope they don't nerf it to quieten the complaints!
The game looks great and sounds great. Weather changes are beautiful and the AI in later longer races can give a good fight. Especially when you need to use tyre strategy as the surface changes.   :gaming:

The credits can be slow to gather up if you want one of the expensive cars but that's nothing new. Also, I've only actually bought a handful of cars but have over 100 in the garage. If you go through the races, missions and licences you get gifted so many.

I believe a lot of people have came form GT Sport and been surprised by the difficulty and depth in the career mode. Rather than spending time to get used to it and give it a chance they would rather just complain.

The lobby system needs a lot of work though. It would be next to impossible to successfully host an organised league race at the moment. Too unstable and the regulation settings are glitchy at best.

There is plenty more to come though. In the form of improvements and content.

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Randomly looked the old forum up and, lo and behold!!! :):)

Hope you're all doing fine and dandy, it's been a while! I've not succumbed to 7 yet but expect that to be remedied tomorrow on pay day! Only PS4 though, still haven't got my mitts on a 5 yet :( I see Line and a few others kicking around socials, so once I'm up and running again you'll hopefully see me about!

We usually have a good crowd for relaxed racing on a Wednesday evening.  :gaming:
Hope to catch you on psn soon then!

Jeez I'm rusty! Some of these license tests have got my blood pressure going!! I am glad they are difficult though (for me at least!) means more when you eventually gold it :) Only had a few hours so far, and haven't unlocked online yet, doh! Hopefully won't be long :)

Yeah, cars are a lot more sensitive to steering and throttle inputs so you can't throw it around like in GT sport. Once you get the hang of it all it's more rewarding.

The next update may increase payouts for a lot of the events. At that point I'm thinking of doing the Nurb circuit experience and maybe using the leaderboard for a Ronin Green Hell challenge? If that sounds like an idea to peeps?

Yep really enjoying GT7, especially since the increase in payouts for certain races