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Started by jutngo, December 21, 2020, 12:23:59 PM

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On 2nd August 2021, GTPlanet have released an announcement that states that GT7 will be developed for PS4.

However it should be noted as they have stated:
QuoteIt is important to note that just because GT7 has been developed for PS4, it still might not end up as a PS4 release. The technical process could simply be exploratory, to determine how well the code runs on the nearly decade-old PS4 hardware. However, it's increasingly looking like GT7 will be cross-gen after all.

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 Guess the concern would be that if it's being developed for/on PS4, it won't hit it's full potential on PS5?

Not that it concerns me at the moment anyway given I can't afford anything at all right now. Would love to see it become a thing on PS Now though, could play it on PC that way.

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Well I'm not concerned about it being too fancy. I'm still enjoying GT Sport. The way that plays is grand. Add in the customisation of GT6 with the offline content from GT4 and I'd be totally happy.

Don't have a PS5 though so that view might have been different.

New video with official release date!

I'll need to get a good look through this but after first quick look seems like a lot of great tracks back with us.

Nice GT1 intro references.

Maybe I should just sell a bike and grab an over priced PS5 because I'm clearly not going to be doing any cycling next year!!

Looking forward to this, March 22 release...wonder how late it will be.

Apparently it's a PS4 title which will be accelerated to work with the PS5, means nowt to me that :/

So we could drive faster on the PS5?!! I better get one then! 

Quote from: jutngo on September 12, 2021, 11:19:26 AMSo we could drive faster on the PS5?!! I better get one then! 
Might have to join you John, I'm well out of practice! :D

Pre orders are now available for various versions...

Whichever version I go for it would be the most I've spent on a game so might as well just go all the way and get the PS5 anniversary edition!! At least it comes with the PS4 digital code so I won't be stuck if I can't source a PS5 before March! (or whenever it comes out).

Hi Lads, I preordered Gran Turismo 7, so fingers crossed it's not delayed

Tidgney put up this video

In the meantime I'm still enjoying GT Sport a lot

Looks like Deep Forest has been teased now. Car list is looking great and from the screen shots etc it seems we might be getting a GranTurismo 4 SUPER DELUXE EDITION!!    :drool:

You all know I really enjoy the online racing but it was the single player career of the old GT's that made me such a fan. Really looking forward to that aspect of the game again.

Maybe another 'Budget Build Off' series Dave?!  :gaming:

Deep Forest has now been officially confirmed. Another classic track with us again. Although it has been modified a bit, particularly in the final sector.

Grand Valley next please Kaz. That would be nice.  ;)

Still no delay announcement....

Could this be a GT arriving on time??

Grand Valley needs to come back for sure, pity about the reworking of the last sector in Deep Forest but hey it's a classic so we shouldn't complain.

I agree the offline campaign was what hooked me into GT, fingers crossed they deliver a classic this time around

Yeah, would love to do a proper Grand Valley 300 again.
Also, Daytona Road Course has been teased in the latest video.

Also, also....  PS plus is allowing free online gaming this weekend. So anyone can get online racing without a subscription until late on sunday night. I also think it's half price at the moment in the PS store. Just in case anyone is interested.

I could be about tomorrow for some driving if anyone is available. Just msg me on the PS.

Latest replay and gameplay footage.

3/01/22 UPDATE

BIG trailer and news from Kaz with GT7 details.
Release still on for 4th March.

Plenty to get our teeth into there but one particular thing that looks interesting to me...

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The column towards the centre shows how changes to tuning will affect the car. Not just power, weight, PP etc. but car stability and cornering g forces?!! Setting up a car could be a more user friendly task.

I have my concerns about the layout of the offline career mode but overall I'm optimistic about what we are being offered here. Customisation and options in every area seem to have been increased so it's looking good for both offline car collectors and online racers.

Hope a few here will be getting it too. Could be competing in the licence test and circuit experience leader boards soon!!