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Evening RoninGT-ers!  8)

To kick the announcement thread underway, I'm to let you know that we have now opened the forum up to guests on a read-only basis. This will hopefully encourage new fleeting members to register as they'll be able to see exactly what's going on at the forum.

This does mean we're going to have a bit more moderation on the site, so please keep any unsavory stuff off the forum, language or otherwise. This of course is part of the forum rules anyway, but from now on we'll be monitoring that a lot more vigorously.

Second, we've updated our facebook page with the new timeline feature, so take a look at that if you're on the facebook. Share it with your friends and get people involved in that side of things. We'll also be updating our twitter feed with a new wallpaper and logos soon, to match the updated facebook page. & are the links you need.

Thanks people.

I've always wondered if you have a "recruiting drive" as such. And I've also wondered why we haven't had more interest from the SFS event. The only reason that I don't push Ronin more openly, amongst my other PSN friends, is because I wasn't sure what your policy was regarding new "intake."

Some weeks ago I changed my comment on my PSN thing to thinking it might generate some interest.

And from my own personal (selfish) point of view it would be great to have other members with a similar ability as me so that it gives me some competition at the back. The reverse grids operated at the Saturday Series events were great but eventually most would pass me and I would be on my own again.

Just spouting off about my "dream" for the future lol

As "recruiting" goes... we want everyone who wants to be here. So get your PSN friends involved if possible, even if they're hardcore GT5ers or not. We had this place closed off for a while, but we believe now is the right time to open it up and get some new blood.

No we don't have a recruitment plan as such, GTAndy has the facebook and twitter feed going on and we have still have a presence on the OPC forum in the form of the SFS events being posted there.
Historically the OPC has looked unfavorably on the blatant advertising of other forum groups, and the only allowed option was a reference in your post signatures.
However I believe this policy has been relaxed somewhat in recent months, so perhaps we could get away with some more direct advertising of the forum events there, as I it seems some others are doing.
And of course as GTAndy says, if you know someone who might enjoy it here...

Might be worth putting up a revised Guide and FAQ about Ronin for guest visitors, including an explanation that registering allows them to post here, and that only the first two post require the authentication procedure.

Yep, had that idea myself dekka, or about the same anyway :)

I'll try and work on that during the weekend, or even in my breaks at work if I don't get the chance. Stinking headachey cold thing atm means I should stop for the evening, but I never want too.

We have extended the amount of topics/threads you can see on each page in a board. This is to help limit the amount of threads that are either aren't being used or are dying due to them not being obvious to find... or what I like to call it "Page 2 syndrome".


March 11, 2013, 01:45:52 PM #7 Last Edit: March 11, 2013, 02:27:35 PM by GTAndy36

Every member can now have up to 120x120 avatars on their profile. Why you ask? Cos it's better.
Get uploading or linking newly sized avatars people!

Secondly, text size and type has been slightly adjusted to suit the forum a little better, and hopefully make it a bit easier for people to read on all screen types. It also a better size for our beloved smileys. (More will be added soon also). I have had a few requests for this over the last few months. Note I haven't adjusted all of the different text sections for size just yet, just the main one. Once I can have a proper look at the style sheets I will adjust the rest to fit nicely with the main body.

With this, I know it may take some getting used to, the new size and font. But I promise, within a few weeks your eyes will adjust!

There will be new "stars" or "blocks" for the membergroups soon. To help freshen up the mini-profile on the left of the posts.

Everything seems the same, just Super Pole childboard to fix...Andy will fix tonight.

I've fixed the Super Pole board.

I may try and update our forum version tonight. If I do, you'll be notified with time to spare on here, FB and Twitface.

Forum Version Update

I will be upgrading the forum version tonight. 10:30pm. We will have downtime for hopefully no more than half an hour.

Thanks all.

 :pchappy:  Has the font changed!? Or is it my FireFox browser...
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March 14, 2013, 10:02:55 PM #12 Last Edit: March 14, 2013, 10:22:32 PM by GTAndy36
Font changed. I had changed it, then the server borked.
So I've now changed it again, and have the theme backed up. The themes for the Battlefield board, and the Super Pole board will be sorted with their banners soon, but some important things to do first.

I have also noticed we have lost some recent photos in the gallery. Sombrero, nr961 and Raybrig are affected as well as me, with OTTSII Round 5 shots.

If you want them back up guys, you know what to do.

Thanks for your patience guys.

Can you believe that was the first time I've ever done a forum upgrade like that? Easy stuff, but still.

We're updated, and the packages bar the Gallery are also updated. Raybrig's post count has been sorted out, the phantom gallery non-images are gone. I tried to restore any posts that were lost during the server crash, namely GT_Dave, but no could do I'm afraid, it simply couldn't find anything to restore.

I will let you guys know when I next do some changes, and there will be some, but probably stuff that won't need any downtime. But I'll let you know.