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Started by Andy, March 22, 2016, 11:57:18 AM

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Hello RoninGT.

My name is Andy, and I have a tendancy to be an asshat sometimes. So I apologise now, and in advance of any other asshattery I may bring to the online world.

I've just turned 26, and I'm currently in the process of moving from Norfolk to Wiltshire. New start and all that... oh and 150mb internet.

I have found a great interest in sim racing, and like nothing more than to make it feel as real as possible. Elitist maybe, but just my preference. I have no problem with running with whoever on track, so long as its clean.

See you guys around here and on the track soon.

Asshat Andy

 Hello RoninGT.

My name is Dave and I have a tendancy to be a bigger asshat then Andy, as well as go missing for months at a time apparently. :P

I'm 31 and the proud owner of 2 kids (they're for sale by the way).

I've been a sim racer since Gran Turismo first arrived on the scene (it is a sim, it's just hardware limited!), unfortunately due to the arrival of the next gen consoles and lack of a new GT title, I was forced to move on to PC. I'm now a beta tester for Sector3 Studios and RaceRoom Racing Experience.
When I'm not testing for them you can usually find me trying to survive on RUST or World of Warships or, trying to drive 12tonnes of empty pallets across Europe in Euro Truck Simulator 2.

I'll be attempting to stream some of the things I do on PC in the not too distant future so please feel free to watch and laugh, hopefully, the stream will be embedded here.

Hope to see some of you around, whether that's just talking on the forum or racing on R3E, ETS2mp etc.

Don't forget to post, without a constant flow of random :censored: , Ronin could die!

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Hi RoninGT.

My name is Robin, and I can be an asshat too sometimes. Like David I've lurked for far too long.

I'm 35 years young. Have two children too (also for sale) a mortgage and a Wife - aka SWMBO.

I've enjoyed "car games" since I was around 5, then got introduced to this real realistic car racing game on PlayStation. Gran Turismo was it's name.
Since then, I've been a fan (up to and sometimes including GT6)

I'm not as fast as I ever thought I would be, and due to recent events have turned my attention to Euro Truck Simulator 2 instead. Which I still race on. So, yeah, that worked out huh!

I am the proud owner of a PS3, PS4 and a work laptop that allows me to play (just) ETS2.

I look forward to speaking / racing / shooting anyone here soon.


Edit: I forgot to mention, I'm going to start using a new persona for gaming / streaming / twitter / facebook and stuff. Look for me under RedBreast Gaming.

For now though, right here I'll forever be Ronin_GTRobin.
AKA Ronin_GTRobin

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I'm Neil, I can't stand asshats, can't be arsed with keyboards warriors and don't suffer fools gladly, remind me why I'm here again? :bye:

Well it isn't the buscuit selection....
AKA Ronin_GTRobin

Life - Noun. The thing that gets in the way of gaming.

And it's not for the 100% spelling accuracy either.
AKA Ronin_GTRobin

Life - Noun. The thing that gets in the way of gaming.

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much    :P

Hi, I'm Delaney, sometimes refererede to as Jan (don't know where that comes from). I've got two kids, well one is not really a kid anymore as he's nearly the age of Andyasshat and the other one is a lovely girl who would team my head of if I refererede to her as a kid. They are not for sale, as I rarely see them, well I see the daughter every 2 weeks for 3 days. I'm not an asshat (I think), I'm more like an old fart (56 ...well atm) that can't remember just about anything, that can't remember anything, that can't remember anything (You know the drill by now). I live in a small country about the size of Ile of Man called Denmark with high mountains (almost 200 m high) and lots and lots and lots of water. The water is also to blame for me not getting into SimRacing before. I was Yacht Racing for 30 years and completely forgot to do SimRacing (how can that be???). Well I didn't know what I was missing and just got wet, cold and poor all the time.
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Gamer on hold ish....

I'm Crow, long history in forums although not much now. Helped set a few GT forums up including the original RoninGT. Anybody remember the 'Honourable Drivers' hahaha.
I'm 52 (so the wife tells me) and two kids ( they aren't for sale but they're available for free, can deliver!) I like PC gaming too. Body has had it but the mind is just about ticking over.............

 :hi: hello again it's me,most of you already know me as I've been about hangin about with the ronin crew since the early day,but for those that don't know me,I'm stick man,I'm stick man,I'm stick man.sorry kids to overload.....

I'm hayc.I've been into online racin since not on the PS3 much these days.ps4  takes up most of my free time testin racin testin racin.
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Since we are all doing this again...  :-P

My name is Ayrton,
I am the odd ball of the group.  :D

I am 17 years old and live in the United States (Utah to be exact) I have been simracing since the GT5P days as a little kid. I started racing with RoninGT at about the time GT6 launched.  I'm usually an upper mid pack racer with a decent, consistent and clean pace. (for the most part)

Currently I try to hop on Project CARS and the PS4 as much as I can. When I am not racing in real life that is.  :smug:

Irl I currently race in a state Shifterkart Championship with a 125cc Stock Honda/'14 FA Kart and am on a path to hopefully (with some skills, luck and hard work) move up to Formula racing in the future!

Always looking forward to racing and online banter with everyone on here!  :cheers: